Newsletter Resources for Workplace Health and Well-being

Newsletter Resources for Workplace Health and Well-being

Posted by Amanda Furness


In the Spring newsletter, we featured a CIPD policy report looking into the Health and Well-being Agenda as well as a printable poster to encourage people to take breaks.

Growing the Health and Well-being Agenda: From first steps to full potential

The CIPD published this policy report in January. Their President, Cary Cooper, hopes it will provide enjoyable reading as well as some “HR nuggets you can use in your daily work”. The paper looks into the advances which have taken place during the past decade regarding workplace health and well-being and focusses on where HR’s priorities should lie going forward. The case study on page 29 makes interesting reading for anyone who doubts the benefits an effective well-being service can bring to the employees, the employer and, indeed, the wider community.

50 Ways to Take a Break

Much is written about the importance of taking breaks. Scientific studies have proved that they increase our performance, as the human brain wasn’t designed to work efficiently for the long periods many of us ask of ours. The psychologist and writer Karen Horneffer-Ginter has produced this colourful poster which can be printed off for staff noticeboards to provide 50 ideas of how breaks can usefully be spent.