Would you and your organisation benefit from a Mindfulness Programme?

Would you and your organisation benefit from a Mindfulness Programme?

Posted by Amanda Furness

We have recently introduced a Mindfulness Programme to complement our one-day Mindfulness for Performance and Wellbeing training course.

Mindfulness is suitable for anyone and has many known benefits for both the individual and the organisation including – enhancing concentration, creativity and productivity; reducing staff absenteeism; and improving the overall culture within an organisation.

Our Mindfulness Programme is entirely flexible to fit in with participants’ requirements and commitments but consists of approximately 16 hours of tutor-led delivery.  This can either be through 2 or 3 hour weekly sessions, or 4 hour fortnightly or even monthly sessions.  The purpose being to allow participants the time to embed the key mindfulness techniques into their daily lives and develop a core, sustainable mindfulness practice.

The tutor for the programme is Karen Barr, an expert Mindfulness practitioner who has first-hand experience of how Mindfulness can change the culture of an organisation by promoting wellbeing, reducing stress, increasing resilience, improving focus and developing stronger interpersonal relationships.  Karen has an MSc in Mindfulness and delivers her programmes in accordance with the guidelines set out by the UK Network for Mindfulness-based teaching.

If you would like to discuss or receive further details about our Mindfulness Programme please contact Alastair Taylor on 0131 476 5027, email training@in-equilibrium.co.uk or complete this contact form.