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Our Workplace Wellbeing Training Courses and Simple Booking Process

An overview of the areas in which we can deliver training to enhance workplace wellbeing, together with details of our simple 5-step booking process.

We briefly outline below each area in which we can deliver in-house training. These include courses for managers and staff to increase awareness and learn new skills and strategies that help enhance workplace wellbeing.

Please click each coloured button to view the courses in that section.  Each course can be individually tailored or combined with other learning to meet your exact needs.

The following review illustrates that working with every customer to ensure their training fulfils both individual and organisational requirements is what we're all about:

"In Equilibrium were able to create a bespoke mental health training programme that met our needs perfectly ... The team found the session valuable and the learning has helped us to develop company strategies and policies around mental health."

Our workplace wellbeing training courses

Alongside various mental health awareness courses for managers and employees, this section includes a range of Mental Health First Aid and Suicide Awareness courses.

Our resilience training offers options for helping managers, employees, and teams learn about and build resilience skills in the workplace. This section also includes courses to help develop a growth mindset and cultivate a more mindful approach to work and life.

Our stress management section includes a wide selection of courses to help leaders and staff manage stress. Training can include strategies to reduce stress triggers, manage burnout, communicate assertively and focus on positive actions to improve staff wellbeing.

Our equality, diversity and inclusion courses range from general awareness sessions to training which goes beyond the basics and helps organisations with their journey to becoming diverse and inclusive. We also deliver specific courses on the topics of unconscious bias and the impact of micro-aggressions.

This section of courses covers all aspects of dignity at work including tackling bullying and harassment. Training to deal with difficult behaviours and how to conduct professional investigations in the workplace are also available.

We specialise in a range of courses to improve performance and interpersonal skills in the workplace. These courses are suitable for managers and employees and can focus on topics such as mentoring skills, developing successful teams, managing change and assertive communication.

Next step ...

We appreciate that each organisation's training requirements will be unique and that the aim of providing course descriptions is to start a conversation.  If you have found a course or courses in the above sections which may fulfil a training requirement, please contact us. We've created the flowchart below to provide an illustration of how your enquiry may develop.

A flowchart with 5 coloured boxes explaining the 5 steps in our booking process

Don’t currently require workplace wellbeing training?

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