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Developing Personal Resilience: An Open Course New date coming soon

Developing Personal Resilience

New date coming soon

An interactive yet intimate course on the Zoom platform

 Price: £150 + Vat per place (only 10 available per course)

Introduces delegates to skills that will increase their confidence in their ability to bounce back from workplace pressures.

Delegate feedback for virtual resilience training we have recently delivered:
“I had heard good feedback from the team about the sessions they had attended, so had fairly high expectations – and they were met! … It was also nice to see other people I hadn’t seen in the office for a long time, and to take part in a mixed group.”

“It was useful and the trainer was very engaging and knowledgeable.
I do not feel anything was lost undertaking it remotely.”

Key Benefits of the Personal Resilience Course

With full participation delegates will achieve the following:

  • Learn to recognise their own boundaries and how to strengthen them
  • Raised awareness of key resilience skills and how to enhance them
  • See setbacks as a manageable circumstance rather than a personal flaw
  • Recognise how feelings affect performance and understand the links between feelings and what we think and say
  • Acknowledge the importance of building and restoring social relationships and see social networks as a key resource in problem-solving
  • View challenging situations as tasks to be mastered and develop a deeper interest in key activities.

Resilience is the ability to recover quickly from setbacks and adversity. Resilient people stay committed and increase their efforts when the going gets tough. It used to be thought that people were born with resilient attributes; we now know that anyone can improve their resilience through effective training and development.

Personal resilience is arguably the most important resource for coping well during challenging times. This training course introduces delegates to skills that will increase their confidence in their ability to bounce back from the many pressures and adversities they encounter in today’s workplace. They are reminded that a key aspect of being resilient is accepting that change frequently creates opportunities as well as problems to be solved.

This 3-hour virtual course is highly interactive and contains a variety of tools and exercises. Delegates receive a comprehensive workbook and access to online resources, which can be revisited should they wish to improve one or more of their resilience skills.

Training delivery:

The trainer, Maria Orihuela, is an experienced facilitator and will put delegates at ease with the technology and the course exercises. All she asks is that delegates have their camera and sound turned on from the start of the session and she will lead them, in a supportive way, through the course topics. Training is delivered in a relaxed and flexible manner with plenty of opportunity for questions and discussion. Practical exercises will be used to illustrate the themes of the resilience course.

Trainer: Maria Orihuela

Maria delivers high-impact, energetic and experiential sessions that are very engaging. She has a very personable style, blending skilful challenge with empathy and fun.

Maria has delivered programmes to clients in a diverse range of industries including BAE Systems, Zurich Insurance, JP Morgan, Thames Water, Sainsbury’s, as well as marketing agencies and the NHS. She is used to working with delegates at every level, from apprentices through to senior managers and C-board level Executives.

An expert at facilitating culturally diverse groups, Maria has delivered programmes internationally, in multiple languages. Prior to working as a Trainer and Coach, Maria worked in advertising managing complex localisation projects and a team of six.

Maria is passionate about soft skills training. She has a particular interest in stress awareness, stress management and resilience; how to project yourself confidently and bring your message across with maximum impact; as well as career change and transitions.


Delegates feedback after attending Maria's resilience courses

The course was very enjoyable and I found Maria a great inspiration!

Maria was so lovely, very relatable and most of all she really delivered on providing us quality information that we can enable in our daily lives outside or inside work!

I found the course itself regarding personal resilience very useful and it made me feel motivated after. Maria was excellent I have to say, 10 of 10 for her training skills and making a 3 hours course, through technology interesting.

Lot’s of really constructive content covered in a short amount of time.

I will change my way of thinking and how I approach challenging situations in order to try and combat negative thoughts and to successfully complete tasks and challenges.

I learnt a lot today, about what resilience is, what areas I am resilient in and how I can improve other areas to become more productive in work and home life.

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