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Stress Management Training Courses

The HSE has designated stress as a hazard for the health of individuals and for the health of organisations.

Training for Managers
Our courses provide managers with the knowledge, tools and practical resources to minimise the risk of stress for their teams and the organisation as a whole.  Each delegate gains access to on-line resources for use back in the workplace.

“… there was a real focus on the value of spotting the warning signs before things become huge”

Training for Employees
Delegates learn that because it is so subjective personalised strategies are the key to effective stress management.  A workbook with techniques is provided along with a Relaxation Techniques audio download to help you to switch off after work.

“An honest course where you learn a lot about yourself and how to improve your well-being”  

Stress Management Training for Managers

A practical and interactive one-day course which looks at the signs of stress and its risk implications.  By the end of the day, participants will be able to discuss individual team members' stress triggers with them and agree individual strategies which can then be reviewed at a later date.

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Stress Management Techniques

Half-day course which enables participants to understand the meaning of stress and how to differentiate it from pressure.  A toolkit of stress management techniques and exercises is provided for delegates to take away so they can practice those which work best for them.

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Management of Wellbeing Training

This one-day course has been developed around a practical framework which managers can use to improve the wellbeing of their staff.  Past participants have commented on how interesting and energising they found it to focus on the positive actions they can take to improve the wellbeing at work of their team members.

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Stress: Customised Training

In addition to our stress management training for managers and employees we are happy to customise our courses to fulfil your exact criteria, whether that be adding or removing certain elements of a course or devising a bespoke course from scratch.  Our customised training page provides a couple of examples of how this has worked in practice.

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Practical Approaches to Managing Stress

A practical and engaging one-day course on which delegates will learn to recognise the signs and sources of stress; assess their wellbeing and work-life balance; understand the importance of individual factors such as perception; and discover how to apply relevant coping strategies.  Exercises are included which delegates will benefit from re-visiting after attending the course.

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Personal Wellbeing

Suitable for all individuals in an organisation, this one-day course combines current knowledge about health and wellbeing with research into positive psychology.  A key aspect of the course is understanding how positive and negative emotions affect us, and the different ways participants can use this knowledge to reduce the risk of stress for themselves and those they work with.

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Assertive Communication at Work

Fundamental to improving people's ability to work together, negotiate and achieve workable compromises, assertive communication is essential for effective performance and well-being in the workplace.  This engaging one-day course includes a variety of practical exercises to enable any member of any organisation to communicate assertively.

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Emotional Intelligence

An introduction to Emotional Intelligence which helps participants develop a greater understanding of how emotions arise, their impact on the workplace and, through interactive exercises and discussion, explore ways in which they can demonstrate more Emotional Intelligence within their day-to-day and working life.  A fascinating course suitable for any individual in an organisation.

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List of Training Courses

Click here to go to our full course repertoire.  This includes training courses under the sections of Stress Management, Resilience, Mental Health Awareness, Equality & Diversity and Bullying & Harassment.  If you can't find what you are looking for please ask!

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