Press Release – ASCO Group Ltd

Posted by Jan Lawrence


ASCO Group Ltd (ASCO), the oil and gas supply chain logistics business headquartered in Aberdeen, has appointed UK stress specialists, In Equilibrium, to deliver stress management courses for its management staff, located in Scotland and England.

The courses will form part of ASCO’s ongoing investment to develop the core skills of 40 of its supervisory and management staff.  The training will ensure that managers are equipped to not only prevent stress in the workplace but to identify early signs of anyone suffering from stress, help minimise the risks, and understand Health & Safety Executive recommendations.

Alastair Taylor, Director, In Equilibrium, said: “Stress is the number one cause of work-related absence in the UK today.  Organisations are much more aware these days of the practical impact stress can have in the workplace, but they may not be so aware of the legal implications, particularly amongst people who have recently been appointed within a management role.  Although designed for managers, the courses bring a tremendous benefit to the entire workplace.

“We have delivered these courses to well over 100 organisations in the UK from oil majors to small independent companies and all of them have come back with positive feedback.”

Karen Bell, ASCO HR Manager, Europe, said: “We have a duty to care for the health and well-being of our employees.  They are the backbone of the organisation and we are committed to ensuring that they are equipped with the tools and skills that they need to succeed.

“We have brought In Equilibrium on board as we recognise that they are the leaders of their industry in delivering this valuable and relevant course.”

The stress management training will eventually be rolled out to all ASCO managers on a global level.  The organisation employs over 1,500 people based in the UK, Norway, Caspian, Trinidad, USA and Canada.


Notes to the Editor:

ASCO Group Limited’s core business is the management and operation of Oil & Gas supply bases.  With bases in the UK, Norway, Canada, Trinidad, USA and the Caspian, it operates in more Oil & Gas regions than any other specialist logistics company.  It also provides complimentary waste, marine and freight forwarding management services.

ASCO is headquartered in Aberdeen, Scotland and employs over 1500 personnel worldwide.