Promoting Equality and Diversity at Work

Promoting Equality and Diversity at Work

Posted by Amanda Furness


Diversity: the art of thinking independently together

Malcolm Forbes


What does a diverse workplace look like?

A workplace where senior management are committed to ensuring that every single employee is valued for who they are and what they do and ensuring that everyone has the same development opportunities regardless of, for instance, their age, disability, ethnicity, gender, geographic location, political persuasion, sexual orientation, socioeconomic background, race or religion.


The importance of a diverse workplace

Some of the advantages of creating a diverse workplace include:

  • a wider range of ideas, energies, skills and resources
  • attracting a wider talent pool
  • becoming an employer of choice with a higher profile both within your community and your industry
  • a more representative and impartial workforce
  • a raised morale amongst the workforce leading to increased motivation and productivity
  • a feeling of empowerment amongst employees due to promotion opportunities being based on ability with no discrimination


Promoting equality and diversity at work

There are many approaches an organisation can take including:

  • producing and circulating an Equality and Diversity policy to everyone
  • creating an Equal Opportunity policy, setting targets and devising an action plan
  • running training courses for employees and managers in equality and diversity
  • ensuring all the workforce understand the possible consequences of discrimination and that any complaints or grievances concerning equality or diversity matters are handled correctly
  • offering flexible working, time off for religious holidays, career breaks, considering childcare facilities and reasonable adjustments for those with disabilities
  • treating everyone as an individual and always with dignity and respect


How In Equilibrium can help

Training in Equality and Diversity needs to engage those attending, research has shown that it is most effective when it is based on real life scenarios.  Our approach is to offer courses which are highly interactive, supportive and participative, focusing on practical issues encountered in the workplace.

Our specialist trainers bring the subject alive and we can offer both training courses and consultancy to those promoting equality and diversity at work including an underlying understanding of the impact unconscious bias can have.


Recent delegate comments have included –

“Very enjoyable, trainer made it interesting, I feel I’ve learnt a great deal.”

“I have a fuller understanding of how it plays out in society and its impact in the workplace.”

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