Quality Assurance Statement

Quality Assurance Statement

Since our beginnings in 1998, In Equilibrium's mission has been to equip organisations across the UK with training solutions that foster well-being and professional growth. We pride ourselves on delivering practical, evidence-based programmes that educate and resonate with our clients in essential areas such as stress management, resilience, and mental health.

We are committed to providing the highest quality training and always aim to meet and surpass our customers' expectations. A robust quality management system is in place to assist our continuous improvement and ensure we enhance our performance and client satisfaction on an ongoing basis.

Systems and Procedures Upholding Excellence:

  • We actively seek and value customer feedback, ensuring it informs our service enhancement strategies.
  • A comprehensive customer complaints procedure is in place, ensuring that any concerns are addressed and resolved appropriately.
  • The professional development of our team is paramount, with regular learning opportunities to help them excel in their roles.
  • Our internal processes are checked through routine audits, supporting a culture of transparency and accountability.
  • We set measurable quality objectives that align with our business goals.
  • We regularly review our operations, facilitating the continuous refinement of our performance, processes, and services.

Commitment to Quality: Whilst the directors provide the leadership on quality assurance, every member of the In Equilibrium team shares this commitment to ensure quality is woven into our organisation's fabric.

Delivering Excellence in Customer Service:

  • Customer Focus: Our clients' needs are paramount. From the onset to the conclusion of our service delivery, we ensure that we understand our client's requirements through clear communication and rapid responsiveness.
  • Teamwork: We are a cohesive unit that works together to fulfil our customers' aspirations. Our team is empowered with knowledge and authority to perform their duties, leading to an environment where innovation and camaraderie flourish.

Evaluating and Enhancing Training Outcomes: We value, welcome and act upon feedback. Post-training evaluations from trainers, customers and learners shape our course offerings, ensuring they remain relevant and impactful. Our pursuit of excellence is a continuous process, with post-course questionnaires providing additional insights that help drive course content and delivery methods forward.

Addressing Complaints: We welcome any comments about our training and see these as an opportunity for growth. All complaints will be handled with the utmost seriousness, ensuring no detriment to any complainant.

Statement Accessibility and Implementation: Our quality statement, a testament to our values, is available to all our clients upon request. We take responsibility for extending the policy's implementation across In Equilibrium, ensuring it remains current and reflects our high standards.

This Quality Assurance Statement is a living document integral to our identity and performance. It is subject to annual review to guarantee that it evolves with our client's needs and the industry's best practices.

Implemented January 2002. Last Reviewed January 2023