Resilience at Work Case Study – Croydon

Resilience at Work Case Study – Croydon

Posted by Jan Lawrence

Croydon’s Learning and Development Consultant, Pascale Strudwicke answers a few questions about the resilience at work training programme which involved over 700 delegates at all levels of the Council: 

Who was trained (role and level in org)?

The training was attended from the CEO down.

What problem did you want In Equilibrium’s training to address? What was their solution and what programme / training was delivered?

With a major restructure and huge changes on the horizon there was a need to equip all with coping skills and tools in the form of resilience workshops

What was the outcome?

People reported that they were far more capable in coping with the challenges and that they felt that the skills, techniques and tools imparted would assist them not only at work but in their life outside also.

As a bonus the provision of the workshops made some of the attendees see the organisation in a different light. They now saw an organisation who was not just focussed on commissioning workshops to help its people deliver more but a more enlightened organisation that cared about the well-being of its people as they delivered.

The workshops were extremely well-received.

Were the skills/behaviours learned being used 3/6/12 months later?

Yes, people who have attended the workshops still share knowledge of the techniques and their experiences with others in the organisation.

When was the programme delivered?

The programme was delivered from July 2011 to May 2013

Quantity of people trained?

Over 700 people

Why did you select In Equilibrium?

What was required and also had delivered results successfully in other councils.

In Equilibrium Strengths?

Customer Focussed



Course delivery scoring (rated 1=low 5=high)

Meeting Project Deliverables = 5

Delegate feedback = 5

Quality of trainers / consultants = 5

Value for money = 5

Effectiveness of Training = 5

Flexibility & Adaptability = 5

Innovation = 5

Would you employ the services of / work with In Equilibrium again?

Definitely. A highly professional organisation. Delivering at the right level and when the training was needed.

Additional comments

Thank you for excellent service throughout our time together. Outstanding support from Alastair Taylor and highly recommended workshops delivered by (the trainer).