Resilience Courses

Resilience Courses

Posted by Amanda Furness

If you are looking for resilience courses, we thought it would be helpful to give a brief overview of In Equilibrium’s 4 options:

Developing Personal Resilience

Climbing team

A highly interactive one-day course which includes a variety of tools and exercises. Participants are introduced to skills that will increase their confidence in their ability to bounce back from the many pressures and adversities they inevitably encounter in today’s workplace.

“Really interesting and informative course, providing new skills and perspectives which I’m looking forward to applying.”


Developing Resilience: Training for Managers

happyteamThis course is suitable for anyone with team responsibility. The exact content will be adapted to incorporate the organisation’s development priorities. By the end of an interactive day, participants will understand that the positive attitudes and behaviours which generate resilience can be developed and will be in a position to prepare a practical action plan.
“Good course, learned a lot and really enjoyed – am going to work on my development plan and put it into action.”

e-Learning for Resilience

e-learningDesigned either to complement face-to-face training or be used when time, location or circumstances are an issue. This one-hour course is fully Scormed and introduces participants to a variety of personal resilience strategies.
“This is a fantastic resource from Chris Johnstone … Chris’s style of delivery is lively and engaging and his enthusiasm, knowledge and experience shine through … a really useful resource for people who are going through organisational changes.”


Resilience – Customised Training

Lemon with different coloured segments - bespoke/tailored coursesSince we started offering resilience courses in 2008, we have work worked with many organisations to develop bespoke training customised to their precise requirements. An alternative option to providing customised resilience courses is a one to one confidential coaching service.
“A highly professional organisation, delivering at the right level and when the training was needed.”



If you would like to discuss any aspect of our resilience training or would like some further information, please either complete a contact form, phone 0131 476 5027 or email