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Developing Resilience: Training for Managers – An Open Course

Developing Resilience: Training for Managers

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An interactive yet intimate course on the Zoom platform

 Price: £150 + Vat per place (only 8 available per course)

Resilience is now a key competence for managers working under pressure during periods of change.  This training course helps managers improve their personal resilience as well as supporting the resilience of those they work with.

We have had very positive feedback from the in-house virtual resilience training we have recently delivered:

“I had heard good feedback from the team about the sessions they had attended, so had fairly high expectations – and they were met! … It was also nice to see other people I hadn’t seen in the office for a long time, and to take part in a mixed group.”

“It was useful and the trainer was very engaging and knowledgeable.
I do not feel anything was lost undertaking it remotely.”

Key Benefits of the Resilience for Manager's Course

With full participation managers will achieve the following:

  • Appreciate that being a resilient manager starts with the development of personal skills
  • Improved grasp of the benefits of good role modelling during challenging times
  • Greater appreciation of the benefits of personal care and pacing oneself
  • Increased awareness that change and adversity often creates opportunities 
  • Be prepared to try new things and take appropriate risks
  • A better understanding of the benefits of building and restoring important relationships


It is not possible to make progress without experiencing occasional setbacks and disappointments; however, it is how managers react and respond to problems that will determine the success or failure of the organisation.

Resilience is the ability to maintain your normal level of performance, or improve on it, during times of change and adversity. The key to this training course is the understanding that the positive attitudes and behaviours which generate resilience can be developed. 

This 3-hour virtual training course introduces areas of personal resilience and how they can be improved. During this process, facilitated discussion will be used to link individual resilience to both team and organisational resilience so that managers can prepare practical action plans at the end of the course.

The course is highly interactive and contains a variety of practical exercises. Delegates receive a comprehensive workbook and access to online resources which can be used post-training to improve one or more resilience skills.

This course is suitable for anyone whose role involves being a people manager or supporting others.


Trainer: Dot Gourlay

Dot Gourlay is qualified to MSc level in Health Promotion and is one of In Equilibrium’s most experienced corporate trainers and consultants.  Developing personal resilience and stress management for both managers and employees has been one of Dot’s key interests since writing her research dissertation on the perceptions of stress in relation to employee health in 1998.

In her role as a senior consultant Dot takes responsibility for the management and delivery of major training and consultancy projects.  As such she is very experienced in understanding management’s key objectives and able to design and deliver effective training and consultancy services to meet them.

Dot also has specialised knowledge of running organisation-wide stress risk assessments programmes using the HSE Stress Management Standards as a performance template.  She has been extensively involved in developing In Equilibrium training courses including our popular Resilience Skills training for managers and employees.

Dot combines her corporate training experience with her knowledge of workplace health promotion to design and deliver informative and engaging training programmes to meet organisational and personal objectives.

Delegates feedback after attending Dot's Resilience courses

"Fabulous course and trainer - Thank You"
"Dot was fantastic, knowledgable and interesting"
"Dot is a super trainer, really interesting subject area, really practical"
"All of my objectives were met with a good amount of future actions to take away and work on."
"Very informative and useful course - kept me engaged"

"A very engaging event. Excellent materials and references to follow up and use again"
"Very good trainer - Great impact"
"I would make this course for all managers who are going through change"

"Dot was an excellent trainer"

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