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Resilience Training for A Conservation Charity

For the last 3 years we have been providing Personal Resilience training for a conservation charity which is going through a change programme.  In the most recent course 100% of delegates gave the trainer the highest mark for professionalism and knowledge of subject and 100% gave the highest mark for the training course meeting expectations, interactivity and participation levels.

General comments from delegates:

  • “I found this very useful and it should help me with the staff here”
  • “Very impressed with the trainer, she was really good at getting everyone involved.”
  • “Fantastic, kept me motivated throughout the day”
  • Specific highlight: “Team morale, how to move forward whilst not letting it get to me personally if the staff are still unmotivated.”
  • “I found this course particularly useful for dealing with the current change programme”
  • “Great course really informative and enjoyable at the same time”
  • “I can think of several people who I think would benefit from this course”
  • “I would fully recommend this course to anyone”
  • “Would recommend to anyone (especially at a time like this) as the types of skills are always going to be useful.

The trainer Dot Gourlay made the following observations from her experiences on the training days:

Most Satisfying Aspect – “Watching everyone relax as we begin the course and getting involved in the discussions. More people have come to me after the course to thank me personally for the day (they are undergoing some rapid change at the moment!) than in any other organisation.

Also, seeing the group having a full day out with individuals they know of but have never met, sharing and acknowledging the issues and guaranteeing each other support in the future.

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