Resilience Training for Managers – International Leisure Group

Resilience Training for Managers – International Leisure Group

Posted by Jan Lawrence

A day away from their working environment proved particularly helpful for this group. The reasons the delegates gave for attending were varied but the over-riding message from their attendance was that it would not only help them as individuals but also as managers, and that they felt their team’s performances would improve as a result.  It was rewarding for us to note many comments about feeling more confident in the workplace as a result of their attendance and it having been an interesting, informative and enjoyable day.

International Leisure Group

 ‘Have a more positive outlook on different issues out with my control, react better’

‘Everything was interesting and will help me in my role’

‘Enjoyable and eye-opening about involving other people’

‘Good course with good content presented very well’

‘I feel more invigorated’

‘Helpful, unexpected knowledge gained’

‘Found all information very helpful and positive’

‘Very good and specific to job role.’