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Spring 2024 newsletter includes a movement tip & other resources

To continue the theme of this year's Mental Health Awareness week, the Spring edition of our quarterly newsletter has a movement tip as well as many other articles and resources to help workplace wellbeing.

This year continues apace and it's hard to believe that when this latest edition of our
e-newsletter was sent out to our subscribers we were nearing the end of 2024's Mental Health Awareness Week. In this edition's tip we provide some suggestions to incorporate into our working day to encourage us to continue with this year's theme of movement and moving more for our mental health.

As ever, thanks for having a look at our newsletter and we hope you'll find some of the wellbeing ideas, advice and resources that we've collated helpful.


New 3-hour courses now available

Active Bystander
Explains the importance of ‘active bystanders’ in the workplace and imparts practical strategies to build confidence and challenge inappropriate behaviours such as bullying, harassment, discrimination and microaggressions.

Ally Training
Examines the concepts of Privilege and Allyship, prompting self-reflection and confidence to champion change and promote awareness of the benefits of diversity and differences in the workplace.

How to have supportive conversations at work
Beneficial for anyone seeking to approach workplace conversations about mental health with more confidence.

Speaking Up
Introduces practical strategies to help individuals speak up and actively participate in meetings and discussions at work and in public situations.


Tips to help us move more at work

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For our latest wellbeing at work tip, we share our post for this year's Mental Health Awareness week. It includes some individual and team suggestions to help us move more at work for our mental health.
Read this edition's tip here ...



Some external wellbeing at work resources

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Click here to view our latest round up of external resources which include:



  • A new report drawing on national polling and focus groups entitled "Finding a Balance: how to ensure Equality, Diversity and Inclusion is for everyone"
  • New guidance from the Information Commissioner's Office on information sharing in mental health emergencies at work
  • Recently published guidance from the Equality and Human Rights Commission about menopause in the workplace
  • The report from last year's Buckland review of autism employment which provides 19 recommendations within 5 themes
  • Deloitte's 2024 Women at Work Global Outlook, now in its fourth year this report seeks to understand the lived experience of women in the workplace


Recent articles added to our blog

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Why we should focus on minimising employee illbeing to aid workplace wellbeing

The crucial role of active bystanders in the workplace

They may not be apple or key lime, but Ted Pies can really help your communication skills


3 interesting workplace wellbeing articles from around the web

  1. How employers can help prevent suicide
    A powerful article written from the heart by the founder of the charity Baton of Hope. The charity believes that the Workplace Pledge they launched at their conference on 16 May is the most comprehensive programme to date to help employers play their part in our collective responsibility to save lives through suicide prevention.
  2. Not just good for the soul
    This mind and mood article from Harvard Medical School looks at how a recent study has built on earlier studies identifying the benefits forgiveness, including self-forgiveness, can have on our brains and bodies. The authors also suggest some strategies for those looking to incorporate the skills of forgiveness into their lives.
  3. One third experience discrimination from managers
    This article digests research released in March by Mental Health First Aid England for their My Whole Self Day. Their survey found that 31% of respondents had experienced some form of microaggression or discrimination from their manager in the past 6 months and specifies the most common negative and exclusionary behaviours experienced.


Always good to be reminded

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“Your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you as by the attitude you bring to life, not so much by what happens to you as by the way your mind looks at what happens.”

Khalil Gibran



Until next time ...

How could we resist finishing with an article beginning 'Happily ever after'?

A full moon in a hazy blue sky over a hill with dry trees

With long lives and reported feelings of happiness and mental vitality, looking at the lifestyle of those living in the world’s Blue Zones has been getting a fair bit of coverage lately ... and when you learn that they don’t eradicate coffee, alcohol or exist on a lettuce leaf diet why wouldn’t you want to find out more?
You can find 'Happily Ever After: A Glimpse Into the Blue Zones' here


Many thanks for visiting our Spring edition, we hope you found something of interest or value to boost workplace wellbeing.

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Recent articles on our blog....

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Workplace wellbeing resources – some helpful recent additions

May 16, 2024

Our latest collection of external resources to help workplace wellbeing includes guidance and recommendations relating to a range of topics – autism employment, ensuring EDI is for everyone, information sharing in mental health emergencies at work, menopause in the workplace and women at work.

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Why we should focus on minimising employee illbeing to aid workplace wellbeing

May 16, 2024

This post begins with some research which concludes that efforts to improve wellbeing at work are directed too narrowly. It then goes on to highlight some courses that can help employers looking to minimise employee illbeing in the workplace. They present opportunities to explore strategies that can enhance a culture of psychological safety and trust.

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Moving more at work for our mental health

May 15, 2024

In line with the theme for this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week, we offer some simple suggestions for building movement into our working day.

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