Spring newsletter featured wellbeing resources

Posted by Amanda Furness

In our Spring newsletter we featured 2 wellbeing resources, a report offering recommendations to help reduce long-term sickness absence and a fact-sheet to help promote wellbeing and create an environment where both employees and the organisation can thrive.

Working Well: A plan to reduce long-term sickness absence
A decade ago 1 in 3 people were on sickness benefit due to a mental health condition, today the figure is 1 in 2. This report makes the case for a new ‘Fit Pay’ policy which would provide employers with the incentive to work with their staff to keep them healthy and in work. The link provides a short synopsis of the key findings, with recommendations for employers and the government, but there is also a link through to the full report.

Wellbeing at Work Fact-sheet from the CIPD
You will need to log in or register to view the whole fact-sheet but it is free to do so and only takes a couple of minutes.

The fact-sheet, which was recently revised for World Health Day 2017, focuses on wellbeing in the workplace, with an explanation of why it matters and an exploration of the relationship between work, health and well-being. The impact of wellbeing on employee engagement and productivity is investigated, a wellbeing model explained and the role of different stakeholders in promoting wellbeing discussed.