Stop, Look and Listen to Prevent Unwanted Thoughts

Stop, Look and Listen to Prevent Unwanted Thoughts

Posted by Jan Lawrence

Stress is frequently caused by what we think about.  If you find yourself either worrying about a future event or if you can’t get a bad experience out of your mind try the following.

Firstly, write down the worries or ruminations you want to stop, this raises your awareness of them.

Secondly, the next time you find yourself dwelling on these unwanted thoughts interrupt the thought process by shouting in your mind (or out loud if you want to) STOP !

As soon as you shout stop bring yourself back into the here and now by looking at everything around you and listening to everything around you.

If you focus your attention on what you can see and hear in the present it is impossible to worry about the future or past at the same time.

If you persevere with this exercise for a few weeks you will find you can banish unwanted thoughts that can cause you stress.