Beat Stress At Work

Beat Stress At Work

Posted by Jan Lawrence

Stress at work

In Equilibrium have been working in the area of stress management since 1998.  Over the years we have heard time and again, during an initial call from a customer, the concern that looking into stress within the organisation might be tantamount to opening a Pandora’s box.  Often the feeling is that mentioning the word ‘stress’ will, in itself, give people a license to make it more of an issue than it really is.  In our experience the contrary tends to be the case and, indeed, providing awareness training and having a proactive strategy to aim to reduce the impact of stress in an organisation is something that has a very positive long term impact, both on the individual wellbeing of those employed and their productivity and engagement.


The business case for stress

It’s always difficult to argue against facts, so we have created this infographic for those who are trying to build a business case for stress and its cost to business.


Stress tips

An important point to make is that stress is a very personal experience and what works for one may not work for another.

For this reason, we have built up and continue to add to our stress tips which provide quick bite-size solutions for readers to experiment with.  We have also produced a longer document which is downloadable and gives more detail about what stress is, what happens to our body during the stress response, the effects of chronic stress as well as recognising the signs of stress.

If you are looking for tips on a particular issue relating to stress at work you may find some useful suggestions in our Resources for Managers. We also have a good selection of anonymous questions people have asked about stress issues which have been answered by our own experienced trainers.   Topics covered include Stress Policy guidelines and communicating  with people who are absent.


Stress prevention

Working together to reduce stress at work is always better than trying to do so in isolation  and we can provide support in terms of getting a stress group together.  We also have our own proactive stress management tool which is introduced here.

The Health and Safety Executive initiatives include the Line Manager Competency Indicator Tool and they,  in association with the CIPD and Investors in People, have developed a series of tools aimed at helping managers to think about their behaviour and management style.


Further reading and watching

You may also find the following links helpful, we also produce a bi-monthly newsletter in which we provide news, tips, resources and links to external articles which we feel may be of interest to our readership.

Why dealing with stress at work is important – offers some online resources, hints, tips and suggestions for managing your reactions together with training options

5 tips to reduce your personal stress at work – guides you through 5 practical actions you could take immediately at your workplace

Our video channel contains a short series of films about stress at work and it’s links with resilience.


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