Stress Management Tips : How to Switch Off After Work

Stress Management Tips : How to Switch Off After Work

Posted by Amanda Furness


“My brain has too many tabs open”

Some people leave work behind with not another backward thought, but for those who don’t find switching off after work quite so easy we have written a series of articles containing some hints and tips to help you switch off. This is beneficial for your personal health and wellbeing.  It also helps you return to work rested and refreshed which can lead to greater productivity during your working hours.  This has obvious benefits for both yourself and your organisation.

A short explanation together with links to the 6 articles can be found below:

A short article to help you think about the boundary between your life and work. It may be helpful to those who spend time unwinding with work colleagues and challenges you to think about whether this is actually allowing you to stop thinking about work-related topics.

Get Unplugged
This article provides some practical tips if you feel your online life is taking over and your work and leisure time are becoming increasingly blurred.

Relaxation Techniques
Outlines the importance of taking control over your thoughts and feelings. The article includes a section with 8 suggested techniques to help you find out what works best for you.

Stop Thinking about Unfinished Tasks
This short article gives an explanation of the Zeigarnik Effect and suggests a switching off after work tip which results from your awareness of it.

Tips to Distract Yourself
Includes some suggestions for how you can turn your mind away from work matters during your personal time.

The Importance of Taking Breaks
Although this relates to an action required during working hours, this article reminds and explains why taking breaks, even on the busiest of days, effects your recovery and ability to switch off out with the working day.

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