Stress Relief and Wellbeing Improvement feature in Newsletter Articles

Stress Relief and Wellbeing Improvement feature in Newsletter Articles

Posted by Amanda Furness


Here are the articles we featured in the News from the Outside section of our Late Summer 2017 newsletter:

Stress at Work is ‘causing’ poor mental health in men

The results of a survey by the charity Mind provide yet more evidence of why men, in particular, need to talk about how they feel to help break down the stigma of mental health.

Talking to yourself isn’t crazy, it’s stress relief

New research reveals that talking out loud to yourself is beneficial to your mental wellbeing. However, there’s a way of doing it in order to achieve positive results.

How to work with someone who’s always stressed out

This article from the Harvard Business Review offers some practical tips and case studies, along with a do’s and don’ts list of principles to remember.

5 ways managers can support wellbeing improvement

As this article accepts, you can’t just expect managers to promote wellbeing, you need to give them both the tools and the flexibility first.

What all that multitasking is doing to your brain – and memory

Provides some interesting food for thought around the topics of paying attention, mindfulness and choice. The sentence “If you weren’t paying attention when you tossed your keys, then you don’t give your brain a chance to remember where you put them” struck a chord!