Switching Off After Work:  Boundaries

Switching Off After Work: Boundaries

Posted by Jan Lawrence


Colleagues who are also friends can help to make the working day much more relaxed, they can even help with the progression of careers.  It is useful, however, particularly if one is struggling to switch off after work, to have clear people boundaries.  Many of us would benefit from taking a step back and looking at who we are spending our free time with.

Ask yourself: Am I spending all of my leisure time with people from work?  There is a balance between getting on with colleagues and finding it hard to switch off from work because you spend so much time with them, inadvertently talking along work related lines most of the day and night and never really having a complete break from the subject.

A good boundary might be to allocate a limited chunk of time for unwinding with work colleagues, and make sure you also ring fence time to spend with people outside of work doing stuff that is totally unconnected to your job.

You may find that a  more refreshed and balanced you may return to the workplace the next morning as a result!


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