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Returning to the Workplace – Re-entry Anxiety

By Amanda Furness | 25 October 2021

Who would have thought in 2018 that Re-entry Anxiety would be a term that would become embedded in our common vocabulary by 2021? In this article we look at what it is, the considerations it poses for organisations, along with actions leaders and individuals can take to move forward positively and harmoniously.

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Ask the Expert : How can I feel more positive & reduce my anxiety levels?

By Amanda Furness | 24 November 2016

Training Consultant and Corporate Coach, Martin Faiers, provides some advice for an employee who has returned from maternity leave and is struggling with negative feelings and high anxiety levels in a workplace which has undergone a lot of change during her absence.

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Worries and stress

Anxiety – an explanation with strategies & techniques to explore

By Amanda Furness | 12 May 2014

This article looks at what happens within our bodies when we feel anxious and looks at some strategies and techniques we can use to counter the stress response.

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Newsletter Resources – Mental Health and Good Workplace Culture

By Amanda Furness | 31 March 2014

Here are links to the resources which featured in the Spring 2014 edition of our newsletter “In Equilibrium”, for the areas of mental health awareness and creating a good workplace culture.

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Ask The Expert : I feel so anxious and dread going to my work canteen

By Amanda Furness | 25 March 2014

In Equilibrium provide some advice for a reader who dreads going to their work canteen and may be suffering from the debilitating condition known as social anxiety.

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Looking Beyond a Stressful Event

By Amanda Furness | 24 March 2014

A practical tip to help anyone who gets anxious before a work or social event

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Negative thoughts

Challenging Negative Thinking Habits

By Jan Lawrence | 05 July 2011

  Each thought you have affects how you feel, each feeling you have affects how you behave and there are consequences to every single one of your behaviours, be it positive or negative.  Behaviours that are CONSISTENT become HABITS and habits can become who we are and how we respond to our environment. Negative Thinking…

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Don’t Worry, Be Happy

By Jan Lawrence | 27 June 2011

Sometimes worrying that we may have a problem causes more anxiety than being faced with fact and acting upon it.

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Understanding Generalised Anxiety Disorder

By Jan Lawrence | 20 June 2011

An extract from our Mental Health Awareness Training for Managers Everyone gets worried sometimes, but if a person has generalised anxiety disorder (GAD), worries and fears are so constant that they interfere with their ability to function and relax. They tend to have a constant fear of dread.  You may observe the person worrying excessively…

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Ask The Expert : How can I stop feeling anxious?

By Amanda Furness | 24 August 2009

Question I regularly have to attend a departmental meeting at which I quite often have to give a presentation.  As the meeting approaches, I find I am increasingly suffering from anxiety with symptoms ranging from a dry mouth, to “butterflies” in my stomach and palpitations.  I know that the way I feel is affecting my…

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