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Thinking Spiral

Stop Negative Thinking Spiral

By Jan Lawrence | 27 August 2014

A short video about the way in which thinking can impact on behaviour. Part of a series on ways to control negative thoughts. More coming soon.

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Negative thinking

Definition of Negative Thinking

By Jan Lawrence | 27 August 2014

A short video which defines negative thinking and demonstrates the impact it can have on us and our daily lives.

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Negative thoughts

Challenging Negative Thinking Habits

By Jan Lawrence | 05 July 2011

  Each thought you have affects how you feel, each feeling you have affects how you behave and there are consequences to every single one of your behaviours, be it positive or negative.  Behaviours that are CONSISTENT become HABITS and habits can become who we are and how we respond to our environment. Negative Thinking…

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Play the “I wonder” game

By Jan Lawrence | 14 February 2011

The next time you wave to a colleague and they appear to ignore you or someone pushes into the queue in front of you and you start to inwardly boil over, try playing “I wonder” instead of getting dragged into negative thinking.

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Glass of water half full - Realistic Optimism

Realistic Optimism

By Jan Lawrence | 09 February 2011

Here is an extract from our Developing Personal Resilience course about learning to become more optimistic.

Highly resilient people have a realistic, optimistic view of the world. This optimism is not fantastical it is based in reality. They persist in seeking goals despite obstacles and setbacks. They tend to operate from hope of success rather than fear of failure. Setbacks are viewed as due to manageable circumstance rather than personal flaw.

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