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Resilience Skills : Boundaries and their importance in your life

By Amanda Furness | 01 June 2015

A short article which looks at personal boundaries – what they are, why they are important and the benefits which may result if you decide to set them, practice them and use them in your life.

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Boundaries at work

Top Tips for Setting Boundaries at Work

By Jan Lawrence | 23 September 2014

Tips for having boundaries at work. Resilient people have healthy boundaries. Use these tips to improve yours.

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Switching Off After Work: Boundaries

By Jan Lawrence | 23 May 2014

A brief article about creating clear boundaries around socialising with colleagues after work and making sure you ring fence some leisure time to have with friends not connected with work.

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Resilience at Work: Setting Boundaries

By Jan Lawrence | 22 August 2013

Another part of resilience is setting boundaries. It is important to take responsibility for setting boundaries around your workload. That means you may need to have a conversation with your manager.

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Resilience training course impact

By Jan Lawrence | 27 August 2012

We have recently provided Resilience training for a UK council with over 10,000 employees. Here we summarise a report which outlined the impact of the resilience training and at the bottom of the page there is a link to the full report.

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Ask The Expert : How can I regain control both at work and at home?

By Amanda Furness | 27 August 2010

Question I am a 35 year old manager who has recently returned to work following my first maternity leave. Work seems much more hectic than before, and thrown into the mix is the fact that I will be moving house next month.  Relationships at work and at home are currently ‘tricky’ – and I worry…

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Ask The Expert : How can I get the right work/life balance?

By Amanda Furness | 27 August 2010

Question I work long hours and even when I get home I can’t switch off.  I’m too tired to do any of the things I used to enjoy, even going out or seeing friends.  I feel that my family are being affected by this situation.  What can I do to get the work/life balance right?…

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