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Dealing with a Difficult Employee

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Dealing with a difficult employee

By Jan Lawrence | 29 February 2012

Dealing with a difficult employee
If you are in some kind of difficulty with a certain person or situation, then this exercise can help you have some insight into the perspective or point of view of that other person.

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Prevent Bullying-Lady holding hand up to say stop

Managers Job Preventing Bullying in the Workplace

By Jan Lawrence | 19 April 2011

Managers need to be aware that an abuse of their positional power will send mixed messages about unacceptable behaviour, and will only serve to condone harassment and bullying. Line managers are also responsible for ensuring that team members perform to an acceptable standard. Because of this, it is important that legitimate concerns or criticisms about…

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Ask The Expert : Help! One person’s negativity is affecting my whole team.

By Amanda Furness | 24 August 2010

  Question I have a member of staff who is always moaning about her job, family life and even her health.  Her moans can bring the whole mood of the department down and, at times, I think that she is just attention seeking.  How can I get her to improve her outlook on life and…

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