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Difficult Conversations

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Resources include a Health & Wellbeing at Work Survey

By Amanda Furness | 29 June 2018

Other health & wellbeing resources include a report with recommendations for a less stressed nation, guidance on how to change practice & how to disagree.

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Ask the Expert : Help! My manager’s poor communication skills stress me & my team out

By Amanda Furness | 20 April 2018

Trainer, Louise Overy, provides advice and a suggested framework to help a team leader structure the conversation they need to have with their line manager.

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Tips for Difficult Conversations at Work feature in Newsletter Articles

By Amanda Furness | 08 December 2017

Amongst others, you’ll find a link to an article offering tips for difficult conversations at work and another explaining why you might like to try yoga with an alpaca in the News from the Outside section of our latest newsletter.

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Dealing with Difficult Behaviours

New Course: Dealing with Difficult Behaviours

By Jan Lawrence | 12 January 2017

Taking action early to manage difficult behaviour is key to job satisfaction and performance. Learning skills to increase collaboration and build trust will help improve relationships at work.

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Dealing with a difficult employee

By Jan Lawrence | 29 February 2012

Dealing with a difficult employee
If you are in some kind of difficulty with a certain person or situation, then this exercise can help you have some insight into the perspective or point of view of that other person.

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Difficult Conversations

By Jan Lawrence | 27 January 2011

This article includes a formula which can be a useful guide in times when you need to have difficult conversations or deal with challenging behaviours.

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Ask The Expert : How can I learn to be more assertive?

By Amanda Furness | 24 August 2010

Question There are now six people in my department but the workload expected of us is at the same level as when eight people were employed.  How can I learn to be more assertive and say “no” the next time extra work is given to me as I feel I’m already pulling my weight and…

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