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Why we should focus on minimising employee illbeing to aid workplace wellbeing

By Amanda Furness | 16 May 2024

This post begins with some research which concludes that efforts to improve wellbeing at work are directed too narrowly. It then goes on to highlight some courses that can help employers looking to minimise employee illbeing in the workplace. They present opportunities to explore strategies that can enhance a culture of psychological safety and trust.

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Our Workplace Wellbeing Training Courses and Simple Booking Process

By Amanda Furness | 22 November 2022

An overview of the areas in which we can deliver training to enhance workplace wellbeing, together with details of our simple 5-step booking process.

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Group training: an opportunity to reflect and connect with colleagues

By Ellie McLavin | 17 August 2017

In the workplace, it is common practice for people to work alone and attending a group training course gives them the opportunity to step aside from their daily tasks and reflect on their ways of working and reconnect with colleagues.

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Training Locations Spring 2017

By Ellie McLavin | 28 June 2017

Just a little insight into some of the locations we have worked in this Spring – some beautiful spots and all very different!

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Personal Stress

Courses to Help Employees Manage Personal Stress

By Amanda Furness | 13 January 2017

A round-up of the various courses we offer to help employees understand their reactions to stress and improve their personal stress management.

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Are mindfulness teachers accredited?

By Amanda Furness | 19 October 2015

As mindfulness teachers in the UK are currently not regulated, we provide details within this article about the qualifications and experience our mindfulness trainers offer.

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half-day training courses

Half-day training courses

By Jan Lawrence | 23 February 2015

Although a full-day training course will always be more beneficial for both the individual delegate and their organisation, there are occasions when a bespoke half-day training course offers a viable solution. Please call Alastair Taylor on 0131 476 5027 for further details.

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The implications of wellbeing in the education sector

By Amanda Furness | 08 December 2014

A look at why leaders in the education sector decide to offer resilience and wellbeing workshops to those involved in the teaching profession.

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Top 3 Reasons to Train Employees in Mental Health Awareness

By Amanda Furness | 23 May 2014

This post offers 3 reasons why training employees in mental health awareness can help to reduce stigma and discrimination in the workplace as well as provide organisations with an unexpected financial return.

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Employee Training

By Jan Lawrence | 10 March 2014

As it is accepted that training aimed at minimising the risk of stress and enhancing wellbeing results in many benefits for an organisation and its workforce, this page gives a brief synopsis of the in-house courses offered by In Equilibrium which are suitable for employee training.

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