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Managing Stress at Work

By Jan Lawrence | 23 May 2012

Proactive Stress Management. The ‘Stress management competency indicator tool’ is designed to allow you to assess whether the behaviours identified as effective for preventing and reducing stress at work are part of your management repertoire or not. The aim is to help you to reflect upon your own behaviour and management style.

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Pressure gauge

Managing Stress at Work : Reducing Pressure

By Jan Lawrence | 05 January 2012

In seeking to prevent stress, the aim is not to reduce pressure for the sake of it. The right amount of pressure can be motivating and good for both health and performance. However, excessive pressure or demands will cause stress, especially when the pressure is unremitting or ‘chronic.

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Stress Management Case Study

By Jan Lawrence | 19 May 2010

Interesting case study on the HSE website about the approach Blackpool Fylde and Wyre NHS Foundation Trust have taken to managing stress using a process of employee engagement

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