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Group of people working around a desk beside a cork board with coloured notes

Why we should focus on minimising employee illbeing to aid workplace wellbeing

By Amanda Furness | 16 May 2024

This post begins with some research which concludes that efforts to improve wellbeing at work are directed too narrowly. It then goes on to highlight some courses that can help employers looking to minimise employee illbeing in the workplace. They present opportunities to explore strategies that can enhance a culture of psychological safety and trust.

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The crucial role of active bystanders in the workplace

By Amanda Furness | 19 April 2024

A look at Active Bystander training and how it can help individuals challenge unacceptable behaviour in the workplace, helping to create a healthier and more inclusive work environment free from behaviour that causes discomfort or distress.

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Introducing 3 new courses to help workplace wellbeing

By Amanda Furness | 27 March 2023

A look at 3 new courses available for delivery in-house to help workplace wellbeing:
• Understanding Vicarious Trauma
• Constructive Conversations in the Workplace
• Performance and Development Conversations Training for Managers

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A wooden arrow sign with the words News Skills against a blue and white sky background for Training Course Repertoire and simple booking process article

Our Workplace Wellbeing Training Courses and Simple Booking Process

By Amanda Furness | 22 November 2022

An overview of the areas in which we can deliver training to enhance workplace wellbeing, together with details of our simple 5-step booking process.

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Two colleagues, an older and a younger, sitting beside each other at a desk in an office, chatting.

Have you considered reverse mentoring?

By Amanda Furness | 21 September 2021

Reverse mentoring is gaining in popularity. In this post we set out briefly the ways it can bring value to an organisation together with the training options we can deliver to help support the integration of a reverse mentoring programme.

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3 photos of a person-shaped sponge, a course workbook with pen and a clock tower taken from the ground. With the words, 'If someone you know was thinking about suicide, would you know how to help?

NEW Course – Suicide First Aid Through Understanding Suicide Intervention

By Amanda Furness | 16 December 2019

We have introduced an accredited 1-day suicide first aid course suitable for anyone who seeks greater understanding & confidence to intervene with people at risk of suicide.

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Soft skills training courses - photo of a person standing at a table with 6 different coloured pieces of modelling dough in front of them

A round-up of our Soft Skills Training Courses for 2019

By Amanda Furness | 01 February 2019

A look at the soft skills training courses we offer, our trainers’ style of delivery, as well as a selection of the feedback comments we have received.

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Tackling Sexual Harassment at Work

Tackling Sexual Harassment at Work – training course now available

By Amanda Furness | 20 August 2018

In the light of recent media coverage and the ‘MeToo’ campaign, we have introduced a new one-day training course “Tackling Sexual Harassment at Work”.

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resilience or stress management

Comparing resilience training and stress management training – What is the difference?

By Jan Lawrence | 03 April 2017

In this short article we look at the differences between resilience training and stress management training and highlight when it may be useful to offer one or the other, or a blend of the two.

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Repeat customers: Our training courses next week

By Jan Lawrence | 24 March 2017

A brief post explaining why we are pleased about the training courses our trainers will deliver next week and why they satisfy many of our business objectives.

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