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Croydon Council Logo - Resilience Training

Resilience at Work Case Study – Croydon

By Jan Lawrence | 30 May 2013

Would you employ the services of / work with In Equilibrium again?
“Definitely. A highly professional organisation. Delivering at the right level and when the training was needed.”

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Butterfly to depict change in public sector

Resilient Skills for Public Sector Managers Leading Change

By Jan Lawrence | 28 February 2013

Background Local authorities and partners are being asked to increase their productivity by doing more with less funding. Councils face an unprecedented period of declining resources and growing demands for their services. New ways of delivering services, different relationships with partner organisations, a range of responsibilities without boundaries and tighter time-frames mean that those tasked…

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Resilient Leadership - Climber on rock face

Resiliency Training Case Study – Suffolk County Council

By Jan Lawrence | 07 February 2011

This case study takes you through the process Suffolk County Council have undergone from deciding, 3 years ago, that they wanted to address the dynamic transformation agenda facing individuals, teams, the service and the council to the present day when over 250 staff and management have received resilience training.

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Stress Management Training - Dictionary definition of stress

Managing Stress in the Workplace Case Study – Horsham District Council

By Jan Lawrence | 11 November 2010

MANAGERS representing a selection of companies from Horsham recently took part in a free one day training course on managing stress in the workplace. The course, which took place on Tuesday 10 November at the Park Barn in Horsham, was an initiative organised by Horsham District Council (Public Health and Licensing department) and the Sussex…

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Case Study: Training for a Local Council

By Jan Lawrence | 12 November 2009

A Local Council concerned that stress was the major factor for recent increases in sickness absence levels. The council contacted In Equilibrium and advised that stress was the major factor in recent increases in absence statistics.  In response they had developed a stress policy and a basic stress risk assessment tool for their managers to…

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