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Why Understanding the Dynamics of Domestic Abuse is a Workplace Issue

By Amanda Furness | 07 March 2023

To tie in with this year’s International Women’s Day, we consider why understanding the dynamics of domestic abuse in the workplace is so important. We look at the business case, provide some helpful resources, and highlight why awareness training can be the catalyst for actions to help create a safe and supportive workplace for anyone experiencing domestic abuse.

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Management Training

Management Training

By Jan Lawrence | 28 February 2014

Good quality training to help minimise the risk of stress and enhance wellbeing can result in untold benefits for the staff and management of an organisation which can, in turn, bring huge rewards to the organisation as a whole. This page gives a brief summary of the in-house courses offered by In Equilibrium which are suitable for management training.

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Workplace Health Promotion

By Jan Lawrence | 13 November 2010

Good health is good business   Dame Carol Black, National Director for Health and Work launched her review of the health of Britain’s working age population. In her review she states “Good health improves an individual’s quality of life, and a focus on their well-being can also add value to organisations by promoting better health…

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Health and Wellbeing at Work

By Jan Lawrence | 24 December 2009

We at In Equilibrium are very excited about the many initiatives taking place to encourage organisations to look after the health and wellbeing of all employees.
Our training courses and consultancy can help organisations working towards meeting the criteria of awards such as

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