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Sue Butterfield - Expert trainer

Ask the Expert : How can I keep myself and my team motivated?

By Amanda Furness | 04 March 2016

Training and Development specialist, Sue Butterfield, gives some motivational tips to a reader who is struggling with both changes within their organisation and receiving little feedback from their customers.

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Group of business people standing in row

Tips to Motivate Employees in an Economic Downturn

By Jan Lawrence | 17 March 2011

It has never been more important for organisations to develop an engaged, motivated and committed workforce. Effective leadership and motivation is key. The following tips will help you:

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Tell me why … I don’t like Mondays

By Jan Lawrence | 28 June 2010

BBC Radio Scotland Interview with Dr David Mason Brown on Friday 21 May 2010.

The full script is now available

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New Testimonial: Julian Housing

By Jan Lawrence | 09 October 2009

“…The training was excellent with the content adapted to our specific needs as a voluntary sector agency….All managers reported that the training had been incredibly useful in helping us to develop and grow through a period of considerable change.”

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