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Reducing Pressure

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Ask The Expert : Help! Do you have any tips for getting organised for year end?

By Amanda Furness | 07 November 2014

Trainer Louise Overy offers some practical advice to improve our reader’s wellness as they find the organisation required at this time of year is almost overwhelming at both work and home.

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Managing Stress at Work : Reducing Pressure

By Jan Lawrence | 05 January 2012

In seeking to prevent stress, the aim is not to reduce pressure for the sake of it. The right amount of pressure can be motivating and good for both health and performance. However, excessive pressure or demands will cause stress, especially when the pressure is unremitting or ‘chronic.

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Mindfulness Training- The business case & links to research

By Jan Lawrence | 20 October 2011

View further details here of our 1-day in-house Mindfulness Training Course and please contact us if you are interested in knowing more about it.

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Saying no assertively at work

By Jan Lawrence | 19 May 2011

“There are now six people in my department but the workload expected of us is at the same level as when eight people were employed.”… View our latest “Ask the Expert” article on how to say ‘no’ here …

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Taking Control of Your Life Actions to Reduce Stress

By Jan Lawrence | 25 March 2011

When you are feeling under pressure, it is important to identify the main pressure points affecting you both at work and at home and to recognise that some sources of pressure are outwith your control.  Sources of pressure over which you do have control can be tackled using a variety of strategies. There is no…

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Eyes on Stress Levels as Charities are Squeezed

By Jan Lawrence | 01 June 2010

YouGov poll where it was found that more than three people in five think the role of charities will become more important over the next few years to bridge the gap caused by public spending cuts.

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Academic Lifestyle Management

By Jan Lawrence | 27 January 2009

According to a survey of 14,250 University and College Union members released last year, almost three quarters find their job stressful.

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New Course: Developing Personal Resilience

By Jan Lawrence | 14 November 2008

Personal resilience is arguably the most important resource for coping well during stressful times

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Sustaining Healthy High Performance – GlaxoSmithKline article

By Jan Lawrence | 03 September 2008

This paper describes how an occupational health function has developed and implemented health initiatives to positively support business success and culture through focus on the sustainable healthy-high performance of the business, the teams within the business and the individuals within those teams.

Dr Adrian Chojnacki, Vice President, Employee Health Management, Mrs Susan Cruse, Director of Leadership Health and Sustainability, Dr Robert Carr, Vice President and Corporate Medical Director, GlaxoSmithKline

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Success Strategies for the Crazy Busy

By Jan Lawrence | 30 August 2008

Dr Hallowell is an expert in ADD and has found that adults under pressure can develop a culturally induced state similar to ADD. This programme is to help you build a manageable game plan for turning a hectic life into a happy, productive, rewarding, and satisfying life. He gives 10 key principles to managing modern life. He also gives a six-step plan to deal with overload.

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