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Newsletter 70 : April/May 2013

By Amanda Furness | 15 May 2013

The latest edition of In Equilibrium includes :
•A practical stress tip for a more organised life
•An Ask the Expert Question and Answer which helps a reader who is looking to reduce their blood pressure
•Some useful resources for the areas of Mental Health Awareness and Bullying at Work
•News of a pleasant way to boost your concentration at work and even finish that lingering task

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Refresher Courses

By Jan Lawrence | 10 February 2011

Please contact us if you are looking to refresh knowledge in any of the areas we offer training in.

Refresher courses can be useful for a number of reasons:

The organisation wants to make sure all employees know about a particular policy by running short courses
A team may have had a particular concern and want to brush up on particular skills
Blow away the cobwebs and increase confidence in dealing with a particular issue
Update information eg new Equality Act make sure everyne knows what the changes mean in practise.

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