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Resilience at work

Resilience at Work

By Jan Lawrence | 05 May 2017

The value of resilience at work is now well recognised, helping individuals cope better with changing priorities, tight deadlines & heavy workloads. Anyone has the capacity to learn to be more resilient, developing habits to thrive in challenging conditions. This article suggests 4 tips to help increase your resilience at work.

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Developing Mindfulness to Increase Resilience

By Amanda Furness | 07 April 2017

A brief look at how developing mindfulness practice can increase resilience and the benefits that a blended training course can bring to individuals, teams & organisations.

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Building Resilient Teams

New Course: Building Resilient Teams

By Jan Lawrence | 09 February 2017

Our new, practical 1-day course has been designed for the whole team to attend together and learn what is needed to collectively build their resilience.

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District Council Resilience

District Council Resilience Feedback

By Jan Lawrence | 20 December 2016

After providing training in Resilience for Managers at a District Council we were pleased to read on their post-course feedbacks about what they would do differently on their return to work.

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Delegate comments after attending the Resilience Course

By Jan Lawrence | 05 October 2016

Some lovely comments from delegates about the training course, trainer and venue. They attended the Developing Personal Resilience course in London this week.

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build resilience

Build Resilience – Infographic

By Jan Lawrence | 02 September 2016

Our Resilience Infographic includes a section on the benefits of building resilience demonstrating why it is a great skill to have in today’s changing environment.  It also provides some facts about learning resilience and reasons why this key life skill is worth some time investment. Please share  if you find it useful. Details about our…

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Teachers classroom

Resilience Training for Head Teachers

By Jan Lawrence | 26 May 2016

We recently ran a resilience course for Head Teachers, the feedback confirmed how helpful this training can be for Head Teachers and their teams.

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e-Learning “Personal Resilience in an Hour”

By Amanda Furness | 20 February 2015

In our first e-Learning training course, Dr Chris Johnstone will lead you through seven strategies which will allow you, by the end of the one hour course, to create your own personal resilience toolkit.

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south tyneside homes

South Tyneside Homes – Testimonial

By Jan Lawrence | 15 August 2014

“Why did we choose In-Equilibrium? Simple answer really. They listened. They listened to our concerns. They listened to our expectations. They listened to our staff. Then they asked us questions. And again they listened”

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Employee training key on keyboard

Employee Training

By Jan Lawrence | 10 March 2014

As it is accepted that training aimed at minimising the risk of stress and enhancing wellbeing results in many benefits for an organisation and its workforce, this page gives a brief synopsis of the in-house courses offered by In Equilibrium which are suitable for employee training.

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