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Resiliency Training

Why Mondays may make a good training day

By Amanda Furness | 23 June 2017

Recent feedback from participants attending a Developing Personal Resilience training course suggests that Monday’s might be a good day to consider when planning a training day.

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Understanding and Developing Personal & Team Resilience

By Jan Lawrence | 14 March 2017

We were delighted with recent feedback from District Council delegates after spending half a day on a tailored “Understanding and Developing Personal & Team Resilience” training course.

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Butterfly to depict change in public sector

Resilient Skills for Public Sector Managers Leading Change

By Jan Lawrence | 28 February 2013

Background Local authorities and partners are being asked to increase their productivity by doing more with less funding. Councils face an unprecedented period of declining resources and growing demands for their services. New ways of delivering services, different relationships with partner organisations, a range of responsibilities without boundaries and tighter time-frames mean that those tasked…

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The Eden Project

Inspiring Venues – Resilience Training

By Jan Lawrence | 30 April 2012

Our consultant, Carol Taylor, recently had the refreshing experience of presenting a taster session for a client in the stunning surroundings of the Eden Project in Cornwall.

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Resiliency Training

By Jan Lawrence | 05 September 2011

After trauma, teaching hope (CNN) — The number of young men and women from the U.S. Army who committed suicide last month was so devastatingly high that it set a dismal new record. About two-thirds of the 32 dead were active-duty soldiers; the rest were reservists. And like all riptides of tragedy, news of the…

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