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Resilient Social Worker

Resilience Training Courses for Social Workers

By Jan Lawrence | 06 February 2020

We have received some excellent feedback from the training in resilience that we ran for teams of social workers. Most people would agree that the job of a social worker is emotionally as close to the coal face as you can get. Social Workers play a vital role in the community but the work can…

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Using Mindset Theory to Drive Success

By Amanda Furness | 22 February 2019

Specialist trainer and corporate coach, Michelle Spirit, takes a look at mindset theory and outlines how training and development can help build growth mindsets with resulting benefits for both individuals and the organisation.

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Resilience: Daisy thriving in cracked soil

Can we teach resilience?

By Jan Lawrence | 29 February 2012

“Can We Teach Resilience?” was the subject of a speech made by Brigadier General Rhonda Cornum organised by the Young Foundation in the UK. Until recently Brigadier General Rhonda Cornum led the $125 million emotional fitness regime for the US military.

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Chess Pawn

Resiliency Training Extract: Locus of Control

By Jan Lawrence | 18 January 2012

A short article about the differences between internal and external locus of control. This is an extract from our resiliency training

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Building Resilience : Healthy Self-Care

By Jan Lawrence | 15 December 2011

Building Resilience, an article outlining the 9 emotional needs which need to be satisfied in order to experience mental health, personal growth and optimum functioning.

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Resilience - Flowers growing through tarmac

Why Resilience Matters

By Jan Lawrence | 09 November 2010

  “Life is not what it’s supposed to be, it’s what it is. The way you cope with it is what makes the difference”  Virginia Satir Life is full of experiences of adversities.  Some of them are external such as fires, earthquakes, floods, wars, or violence.  Some of them are within the family, such as…

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Resilient Leadership - Climber on rock face

Resilient Leadership Skills

By Jan Lawrence | 07 October 2010

Particular interest from Local Authorities and Councils who are embarking on programmes of organisational transformation.

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Climbing team

Resilience – Businesses respond to change

By Jan Lawrence | 19 November 2009

Article about Resilience training in the workplace

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