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resilience or stress management

Comparing resilience training and stress management training – What is the difference?

By Jan Lawrence | 03 April 2017

In this short article we look at the differences between resilience training and stress management training and highlight when it may be useful to offer one or the other, or a blend of the two.

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Personal Stress

Courses to Help Employees Manage Personal Stress

By Amanda Furness | 13 January 2017

A round-up of the various courses we offer to help employees understand their reactions to stress and improve their personal stress management.

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social enterprise

Understanding and Managing Stress – Social Enterprise

By Jan Lawrence | 06 January 2017

A short case study highlights how the training we delivered to a social enterprise helped the people managers across the organisation to understand and manage stress.

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Stress Management Workshops

By Amanda Furness | 10 June 2016

This blog post provides a summary of the various stress management workshops In Equilibrium can offer for those who would like to include training in their management and staff wellbeing programme.

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Our Stress Management Training can be individually customised

By Amanda Furness | 28 May 2015

In Equilibrium can provide customised courses, this short article highlights one of the most popularly requested for Stress Management training. It is for managers, supervisors and/or team leaders and combines learning about how to deal with stress individually with how to manage it in their teams

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Employee training key on keyboard

Employee Training

By Jan Lawrence | 10 March 2014

As it is accepted that training aimed at minimising the risk of stress and enhancing wellbeing results in many benefits for an organisation and its workforce, this page gives a brief synopsis of the in-house courses offered by In Equilibrium which are suitable for employee training.

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Stress Management Training – Testimonials

By Jan Lawrence | 08 November 2013

This page links you to testimonials from clients who have run our Stress Management Training.

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London, photo of Big Ben

Stress Management Training in London

By Jan Lawrence | 06 August 2013

If you are based in London, In Equilibrium can provide in-house training on Stress Management, Developing Resilience, Preventing Bullying, Mental Health Awareness & Employee Wellbeing.

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Stress Management Training - Dictionary definition of stress

Managing Stress at Work – Early identification

By Jan Lawrence | 07 December 2011

  Early identification of stress and increased vulnerability One of the difficulties with stress is that people experience stress in different ways.  This contributes to stress manifesting itself in different ways also.  So it would be wrong to over-generalise when giving advice on how to identify stress and increased vulnerability in others.  However, what we…

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CIPD “Stress is the most common cause of long-term sickness absence”

By Jan Lawrence | 05 October 2011

Stress is, for the first time, the most common cause of long-term sickness absence for both manual and non-manual employees, according to this year’s Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)/Simplyhealth Absence Management survey

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