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Stress Management Training for Managers

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Education – The value of Stress Management Training for School Leaders & Business Managers

By Amanda Furness | 08 November 2022

In a look at stress management training for school leaders, we highlight the areas some recent learners felt were of particular value, the practical tools they took away, and the importance they expressed of attending such training.

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A simple framework for supporting staff during the pandemic

By Jan Lawrence | 23 January 2021

The CUSP framework can be applied to any situation where pressure is present, particularly useful during the pandemic. What it does is get you thinking about your options in a structured way. There are always options because the experience of stress is individual and depends largely on perceptions. If you can change or influence someone’s perceptions, the way they think about a situation, then the stress can be prevented or reduced.

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Stress at Work Whitepaper – Stress Policy

By Jan Lawrence | 12 June 2013

A stress policy is a formal written statement explaining what action an employer is taking with regard to stress and mental health problems in the workplace. The aim is to promote mental well-being, prevent stress and mental health problems from occurring if possible, and to state what will be done if there are employees having problems.

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Managing Stress at Work

By Jan Lawrence | 23 May 2012

Proactive Stress Management. The ‘Stress management competency indicator tool’ is designed to allow you to assess whether the behaviours identified as effective for preventing and reducing stress at work are part of your management repertoire or not. The aim is to help you to reflect upon your own behaviour and management style.

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Managing Stress at Work : Reducing Pressure

By Jan Lawrence | 05 January 2012

In seeking to prevent stress, the aim is not to reduce pressure for the sake of it. The right amount of pressure can be motivating and good for both health and performance. However, excessive pressure or demands will cause stress, especially when the pressure is unremitting or ‘chronic.

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Managing Stress at Work – Early identification

By Jan Lawrence | 07 December 2011

  Early identification of stress and increased vulnerability One of the difficulties with stress is that people experience stress in different ways.  This contributes to stress manifesting itself in different ways also.  So it would be wrong to over-generalise when giving advice on how to identify stress and increased vulnerability in others.  However, what we…

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Testimonial from Intercontinental Park Lane

By Jan Lawrence | 11 November 2011

We are delighted to share a testimonial written by Cariad Kenan, Learning and Development Manager of the INTERCONTINENTAL PARK LANE.

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Ask the Expert : How can I retain productivity but reduce stress?

By Amanda Furness | 05 November 2011


I manage a young and energetic team of thirty. During the last year I’ve received more and more complaints from them regarding work stress. We’ve discussed some of the issues at team meetings. Can you suggest some practical tips which would help keep my team’s productivity up but make their work lives less stressful?

Dr George Madine indicates the range of factors which have to be considered when looking at such a challenging scenario.

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What is Resilience?

By Jan Lawrence | 16 August 2011

Resilience and the Adversities of Life Life is full of experiences of adversities.  Some of them are external such as fires, earthquakes, floods, wars, or violence.  Some of them are within the family, such as divorce, separation, abandonment, or loss of a job, home, or loved one.  And some of them are within the individual,…

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Managing Stress at Work: Tips for Providing Support

By Jan Lawrence | 29 July 2011

Taken from our one day Stress Management Training for Managers course these tips give managers a framework for providing support to their team.

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