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The Equality Act

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The Protected Characteristics: Common questions

By Jan Lawrence | 31 August 2017

Three of the most common questions asked about the protected characteristics are answered together with links to some examples of inequality in relation to the protected characteristics.

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Equality and Diversity Issues – An Example

By Jan Lawrence | 12 September 2013

This article demonstrates how it is possible in some cases, for your decisions and actions to have a discriminatory impact, contrary to your intention.

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News from the Outside – Diversity, Work & Wellbeing and Equality Act 2010 amendment

By Amanda Furness | 13 March 2013

Our February edition of In Equilibrium highlighted some pertinent external articles regarding the areas of diversity, work & wellbeing together with an impending amendment to the Equality Act 2010

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The Equality Act

By Jan Lawrence | 26 January 2011

Are you aware of the implications of the introduction of the Equality Act in 2010? The Equality Act (EqA) offers employers some clarification of the law around harassment.

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The Equality Act – Bullying and Harassment Cases

By Jan Lawrence | 19 January 2011

This document outlines some of the main points that the New Equality Act covers.

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Update on the Equality Act

By Jan Lawrence | 07 December 2010

Do you want to ensure your managers are up to date on the implications of the new Equality Act? Minimise the risk of grievances and complaints? Training on the updated Equality Act.

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