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Training Course Provider

Repeat customers: Our training courses next week

By Jan Lawrence | 24 March 2017

A brief post explaining why we are pleased about the training courses our trainers will deliver next week and why they satisfy many of our business objectives.

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Training Provider

Training Provider

By Jan Lawrence | 29 September 2016

As a corporate training provider working throughout the UK we welcome enquiries from organisations of all sizes and sectors.

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Open Courses London

London Open Courses … booking now open

By Amanda Furness | 08 July 2016

In Equilibrium’s short series of one-day London open courses this Autumn includes training on Developing Personal Resilience, Stress Management Training for Managers and Mental Health Awareness Training for Managers.

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Open Course London

Coming soon …. In Equilibrium open courses

By Amanda Furness | 17 June 2016

In Equilibrium will be running a short series of open courses in central London this autumn which will consist of 3 of our most popular one-day courses. The opportunity to be amongst the first to receive full details is available here.

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Boardroom table with empty chairs around it and letters spelling out Change on the table top

How Resilience Training can benefit Organisational Change

By Amanda Furness | 23 March 2016

This article looks at how In Equilibrium’s resilience training can be used during periods of organisational change to help managers and staff respond positively to the pressures and demands which result.

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Business person using loud speaker

Mental Health Awareness Training Case Study – Incisive Media

By Jan Lawrence | 30 September 2013

Who was trained (role and level in org)?   The HR Team were trained along with 2 managers from the business who at the time were managing staff who were suffering from mental health issues. What problem did you want In Equilibrium’s training to address? At the time we were dealing with issues that had…

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Tree age rings demonstrating experience

Established in 1998 – In-house training

By Jan Lawrence | 26 September 2013

In Equilibrium is a training company that specialises in running in-house training courses in Stress, Resilience and Mental Health Awareness throughout the UK.  The company was started in 1998 by two Psychologists, a Behavioural Scientist and a Medical Doctor. We design and deliver training courses for managers and employees that are based on common sense…

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In-house training

Complete in-house training course list

By Jan Lawrence | 20 August 2013

We provide company training in the following areas: Stress Management, Developing Resilience, Preventing Bullying and Harassment, Equality and Diversity, and Mental Health Awareness. View a list of all of our in-house training courses here.

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Resilience Training - Tree thriving in dry, cracked earth

Resilience training course impact

By Jan Lawrence | 27 August 2012

We have recently provided Resilience training for a UK council with over 10,000 employees. Here we summarise a report which outlined the impact of the resilience training and at the bottom of the page there is a link to the full report.

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Coloured Cogs in the shape of a Brain - Mental Health Awareness

New Course: Mental Health Awareness Training

By Jan Lawrence | 18 February 2011

We have introduced a new one-day course designed to raise awareness of the stress response and how it impacts on mental health.

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