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RAC’s Mental Health Awareness Training Day

What Fay from RAC said

The Mental Health Awareness course was brilliant as was the trainer; she is certainly a very knowledgeable lady and a very good trainer. Being a trainer myself I know how important it is to be confident in the delivery and have a great knowledge of your topic as there will always be someone that asks an awkward question.

The trainer was very good at both and able to answer all the questions we posed. We now have a greater understanding of all mental health issues and can hopefully make a difference in our company going forward.”

Fay McNicol
H&S Consultant at RAC

Course Overview
This 1-day training course outlines the most common mental health disorders and helps managers recognise some of the signs and symptoms. It also raises awareness of the stress response and how it impacts on mental health in the workplace. The relevance and requirements of the Equalities Act 2010 are also reviewed.

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What people say about In Equilibrium

Biffa Waste Services

“The course, which has been rolled out to all our Managers, has been extremely well received and has provided practical and helpful advice in tackling, managing and reducing stress in the workplace.”