The 60 Second Tranquilliser

Posted by Jan Lawrence

This is a useful exercise to help you cope better in situations where you are likely to feel panicky or fearful.

It is important to practise this controlled breathing technique regularly – away from stressful or anxious situations until you become quite skilled at it.

Using a positive thought will activate the parasympathetic nervous system and help to switch off the fight/flight reaction.

Say firmly to yourself ‘Take control’.
Repeat – ‘I can do anything I want to’ breathe out slowly.
Slowly breathe in and allow your abdomen to soften and rise.
Pause slightly.
Slowly breathe out, slightly longer than breathing in.
Say to yourself ‘I am breathing in peace and blowing away tension’.
Each time you breathe out relax your face, jaw, shoulders, and hands.
Move and talk more slowly.
Repeat again until you feel fully in control.