The Science of Wellbeing: A short, live, virtual course

New virtual course: The Science of Wellbeing

Duration: 2 hours

Humans are complex. Whatever we might read, there is no blueprint, no one-size-fits-all when it comes to protecting wellbeing.  However, science can help us adopt actions, choices and thoughts most likely to bring success, and stop us relentlessly striving for the things that we think will make us well, but don’t.


Course purpose

The aim of this course is to help participants -

  • understand the fascinating scientific research now available from teams of neuroscientists, psychologists and social scientists from around the world.
  • use this knowledge to inform decisions about the positive and practical actions that can be taken to improve health and wellbeing; whether as individuals exploring for themselves how to achieve this, or leaders and managers wanting to know how they can use science to create the optimal working environment for their teams.


Content includes:

  • Blue zone research where large proportions live for 100 years+
  • What we strive for that we think will make us well, but doesn’t
  • The things proven to impact on wellbeing :
    • Behaviours
    • Thoughts
    • Emotion regulation skills
    • Lifestyle choices (exercise, sleep, rest and nutrition)
    • Connection with others
    • Self compassion
    • Self-awareness and awareness of others
  • How to build and stick to good habits
  • Individual, team or organisational action planning


Key outcomes

  • Understanding what makes us emotionally well, and what does not based on the latest scientific research
  • Clarity about choices most likely to improve wellbeing at individual, team and organisational level
  • Space to reflect on extent behaviours, thoughts and emotions, and/or the workplace environment, and practice protect wellbeing (or otherwise)
  • Informed decision making changes to improve wellbeing
  • Clear actions to embed the learning at a personal or organisational level


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