Stress Tips

Stress Tips

Posted by Jan Lawrence

We have many stress tips on our website which you can access here.

Tips for Managing Your Own Stress

We have also produced a document which begins with an explanation of what stress is and goes on to look at the impact it can have on us both mentally and physically before finishing with some practical tips for managing stress.

The document can be downloaded here: Tips for Managing Your Own Stress

You will find it is divided into two parts, the first part looks into the following areas:

  • What happens to us physically during fight-flight?
  • Why have a fight-flight response?
  • Event Stress versus Chronic Stress
  • Negative health effects of chronic stress
  • Mental and emotional effects of chronic stress
  • Recognising the signs of stress
  • Stress, pressure and performance
  • Working long hours
  • Individual differences

The second part of the documents is a hints and tips section to help manage stress.  Topics covered include relaxation, work-life balance, social networks, planning, sleeping, thinking, nutrition, water and exercise.