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Dr Anita Levinson

Dr Anita Levinson Expert Trainer

Chartered Member Institute of Personnel and Development (MCIPD)

PhD (Self-regulation of health and safety in a local authority with particular reference to safety reprsentatives, supervisors and safety commitees)
Diploma in Industrial Administration (DIA)
BA Hons Psychology

Dr. Anita Levinson is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist, her doctorate was on the industrial relations aspects of health and safety, and she is a member of the Chartered Institute of  Personnel and Development.

Anita has been writing and delivering training courses on various aspects of managing stress in organisations, in both the public and the private sectors, for over twenty years.

She has also been involved in carrying out stress audits and facilitating focus groups to identify the main stress-related issues in organisations and to encourage employee participation in generating solutions.

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What people say about In Equilibrium courses

Birse Metro Limited

“This course was exceptionally well-presented, and managed to be both informative and effective, with a minimum of jargon. The afternoon was very useful in helping to identify and focus on the real causes of stress, and how to alleviate their effects.”

Leeds City College

“The training was very well received by staff who now all intend to implement the session’s practical tips and techniques into their existing roles. A large proportion of the staff rated the facilitator and their delivery as excellent and their only recommendation was for a further and longer session!”