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Kate Peel

Kate Peel Mindfulness Training

Mindfulness for Life Kids, Certified to deliver Kids Programme
Mindfulness for Life Coach Practitioner
Accredited Mediator in Alternative Dispute Resolution
Foundation in Counselling, Psychosynthesis
Sociology BSc Hons, Criminology, Psychology, Race, Health

Kate Peel is a qualified Mindfulness for Life Coach and Practitioner. She has over 25 years’ experience working in the health arena and in facilitating and delivering training.

In addition Kate is an accredited mediator and a Mental Health Awareness Instructor.
Enabling individuals and groups to gain an understanding of the methods and attitudes of mindfulness is a huge motivation for Kate. She is passionate about supporting people to experience the benefits of mindful present moment awareness.

Helping people manage and maintain their equilibrium and to practice self-care is a key interest for Kate. She is committed to enabling managers to identify, support and respond to these aims.

Kate is skilled in understanding and distilling both organisational and personal objectives and then shaping and delivering training that is impactful, meaningful and can make a real difference.

Kate offers her solid experience of corporate and public sector training including the training of a variety of healthcare professionals, with her recent experience of developing individually tailored training too. She is adaptable and relishes making training engaging, informative and fun.