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Shelagh Prosser

Shelagh Prosser

Diploma in Human Resources Management
Diploma in Training and Development
Diploma in Careers Guidance
BA (Hons) Humanities

Shelagh Prosser is a recognised expert in Diversity and Inclusion (D&I), with a passion, drive and commitment to achieving transformative organisational change.  Shelagh’s experience spans a portfolio career of senior in-house D&I roles, interim contracts and specialist consultancy.  She has a successful track record of assisting organisations in embedding best practice into their employment practices, and service planning and delivery.

An innovative thinker delivering change. Shelagh uses a holistic approach to bring results and enhance awareness through strategy, policy, best practice frameworks, tools and measures that influence and support organisational goals.

Building collaborative relationships, Shelagh influences and advises at Board level, empowers teams and develops robust internal and external partnerships.

As a consultant, Shelagh has worked with public, private and voluntary clients. Before setting up her business, Shelagh held senior diversity posts in the Civil Service, the BBC and the transport industry.

In Equilibrium courses with Shelagh

What people say about In Equilibrium courses

Equality and Diversity Training Course Feedback – SP

“Good mix of theory and real life examples to illustrate important and complex issues.”

“An excellent course which covered a lot and was pitched at the right level for a mixed group.”

Comment on Equality and Diversity Training

“Try to take everyone’s comments with more consideration; be careful with the way things are addressed.”

“I will reflect on the subject as a whole and be much more sensitive and thoughtful to the issues raised.”