Wellness: Creating Optimum Energy

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90 minute Course

We all have the same 24 hours at our disposal each day. Yet what we achieve with these hours varies considerably between individuals. In the past we could optimise our performance by utilising time management systems. Nowadays, the usefulness of time management techniques has reached its limit.


As our work demands continue to increase we typically try to squeeze even more activity into an already-full day. This can impinge into other areas of our lives including our non-work time, such as impacting the quality of our sleep. This can ultimately lead us into a cycle of overwork, fatigue, low resilience, and poor performance. Given that our days are usually already full we can conclude that optimising our work performance by optimising time has reached the limits of its capacity.

Instead, we can shift our focus away from time – which is a finite resource – to energy. Energy is not finite; it can be continually renewed and expanded. When we are energised we finish a task in much less time than when we are fatigued, and the quality of our work is probably better as well.

This session provides participants with strategies to boost physical, emotional, and mental energy.  These practical approaches enable people to improve their performance as well as experience enhanced job satisfaction and better physical and emotional wellbeing.

As the demands on us continue to increase, it is important that we all have the skills to manage our energy levels effectively so that we can maintain our wellbeing as well as optimise our work performance.


Topics Covered

Some of the topics covered in this course include:

  • The four foundations you need in order to create unstoppable energy
  • Tools to identify and eliminate what is currently depleting your energy
  • Approaches for boosting mental performance
  • Simple and easy-to-implement ways to get an immediate physical energy boost
  • The seven daily habits guaranteed to give you plenty of get up and go
  • How we can harness the power of willpower to bolster our energy

Course Details

  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Availability: on-site, in London area.


Dr Dawn Hamilton has worked with hundreds of clients who came to her because they were suffering with overload, overwhelm, and lack of energy. She assisted them in turning their lives around and restoring their energy. As such she has acquired an extensive toolkit of practical strategies which are proven to be effective.

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Discuss aspects of this course with us

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What people say about In Equilibrium

A very interesting tutor, excellent presenter

“A very interesting tutor who kept us motivated throughout the session”
“Dawn was an excellent presenter who is clearly passionate about her subject”
“Dawn was excellent and very attentive”

Delegate Comments: Developing Personal Resilience 2014

““The whole session was equally valuable.”
“The trainer listened, responded accordingly and was excellent.”
“Thank you. An excellent course. Extremely helpful.”

Engaging trainer

“A very engaging trainer and course content.  Would recommend that all staff are asked to go on the course”
“Both the course and the trainer were excellent”
“A very useful course which would benefit staff from all areas of the organisation.  Made me think”