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Personal Wellbeing – Detailed Course Content

An introduction to well-being  

  • Health & Energy versus lack of Stamina & Illness
  • Recognising Conditions that Prevent Well-Being
  • High Achievers v Workaholics


Attitudes relationships and emotions  

  • Emotions: Increase Positive & Decrease Negative
  • The Two Family Concept – at Home & at Work
  • Maximising Aptitudes for Work Well-Being & Performance


Strategies to enhance well-being and performance  

  • Maximising the Present Moment and using the Flow State
  • Fire-fighting versus Project Management & Achievement
  • Exercise and Fitness and what Works for You
  • Good Quality Sleep, Individual Needs & Power Napping


Preserving health and resilience

  • Visualisation Techniques for Task & Skill Reinforcement
  • Essential Nutrition for Energy, Health and Well-Being
  • Relaxation Techniques for Health and Well-Being
  • Book List for Well-Being


In addition to the course workbook, each delegate will receive access to a Relaxation Techniques audio download personally recorded by Dr Mason Brown.  The primary purpose of this download is to enable people to completely switch off when they get home from work.  It also introduces them to a variety of relaxation techniques covered during this course.

The Relaxation Techniques Audio Download contents:

  • Breathing: slowing & deepening the breathing to slow down brain waves (like a car going from high revs to idling)
  • Breathing & Relaxing the Muscles: muscles, especially neck, shoulders, back and limbs develop muscle tension as the day goes by
  • Breathing for Energy (Paced Breathing): this exercise uses the diaphragm to circulate the lymph fluid to remove the waste products produced by cells
  • Breathing & Walking: allows you to relax when walking to and from car, an appointment, a shop, etc. and also increases awareness of the Present Moment and slows down the perception of time
  • The Inner Voice – accessing your beliefs and inner strength
  • The Tropical Island – a 20 minute deep relaxation exercise to help you to switch off after work
  • The Forest with the Balloon: a relaxation and offloading technique


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