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Mindfulness is a life skill which we can develop to deepen our sense of wellbeing and achieve greater resilience in the workplace. It involves paying attention to whatever is in our present moment experience, with an attitude of openness, curiosity, and non-judgemental acceptance.

Course Context

Mindfulness can be defined as being in the present moment without judgement or preference. Research has shown that practising mindfulness can help you to manage stress, build resilience, improve relationships, and increase your sense of wellbeing in the workplace. Training in mindfulness can help with maintaining attention, and over time, meditation practice can improve the capacity to disengage from mind wandering. Being able to focus the attention for more extended periods is linked to feelings of happiness as well as improvements in fluid intelligence and the ability to think outside the box.

Those who practise mindfulness describe it as 'being fully in the moment' or 'knowing what is happening, while it is happening, no matter what'. It is about learning to live in the present and becoming more awake and alive to our day to day experiences and emotions, rather than operating from an ‘automatic pilot' where we are constantly reacting to circumstances and situations.

Learning to be mindful will not eliminate all life's pressures, but it can help us respond to them in a calmer way that benefits us and those around us. Mindfulness provides us with a scientifically researched approach to managing stress, cultivating clarity and focus, improving relationships and increasing our personal effectiveness.

The following 3-hour mindfulness courses have been developed by our expert Trainer, Karen Barr. Please scroll down to the course summaries below to find which approach would best fit your training requirements.

  1. Mindfulness in the Workplace
  2. Mindfulness for Managers
  3. Mindful Relationships in the Workplace

Who Is It For?

Mindfulness training is suitable for anyone in the organisation who wishes to enhance their personal effectiveness and general sense of wellbeing.


The course content and capacity can be customised for individuality and to ensure organisations’ specific learning criteria are met. Consultancy in mindfulness practice is also an option either as a standalone service or in conjunction with training.

Mindfulness in the Workplace, 3-hour course

On this short course, you will:

  • discover what mindfulness is and how it can support you in the workplace
  • briefly consider the scientific evidence to support mindfulness
  • explore how to build resilience through proven mindfulness tools and techniques
  • learn to recognise auto-pilot and conscious choice and to define ‘doing’ and ‘being mode'
  • consider top-down and bottom-up attention and how this affects productivity
  • practise mindfulness meditations effectively
  • recognise that continued mindfulness practice can reduce levels of stress and create a greater sense of wellbeing
  • learn how to proceed with a mindful approach to work and life

Mindfulness for Managers, 3-hour course

Mindfulness techniques can improve our capacity for understanding ourselves and the people we work with and thereby enhancing our ability to manage others.

On this short course, you will:

  • explore mindfulness and how it can support your role as a manager
  • review and practise mindfulness techniques
  • recognise how emotional intelligence and neuroscience help us to understand ourselves and others
  • discover how boundaries can promote enhanced interaction with others
  • achieve a greater capacity for tolerance within the workplace
  • demonstrate a more resilient approach to stressful situations
  • learn to practise mindfulness to manage uncertainty and adversity

Mindful Relationships in the Workplace, 3-hour course

By learning to understand how our habitual tendencies to react to situations and other people affect our relationships, we can begin to create new and more effective responses to the people we work with. Connecting and communicating better with colleagues helps build more productive relationships in the workplace, as well as being happier working with each other.

On this short course, you will:

  • explore what mindfulness is
  • learn how to practise mindfulness techniques
  • discover how mindfulness can help nurture and build business relationships
  • understand how quality of attention links with quality of relationships
  • recognise how our attitude towards others can affect how they respond to us
  • appreciate how practising mindfulness can manage difficult relationships
  • achieve a greater capacity for tolerance within the workplace
  • improve working relationships through a higher degree of self-awareness

A testimonial for the Introduction to Mindfulness Course:


"I will use the techniques to introduce mindfulness into my daily routine.  Recommend highly this workshop to others"

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The Mindfulness Training Programme

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"The quality of the training has been fantastic and our employees are really engaging with the trainer and getting something out of it. Also In Equilibrium makes the whole process very easy to arrange."

— Employee Engagement & Wellbeing Officer, Sophie Holland

"We wanted to provide a course that taught useful and practical coping strategies that our members could put into place straight away. In Equilibrium’s experience showed us that they could provide this, and they tailored the course perfectly."

— The Association of Electoral Administrators

"In-Equilibrium recently presented Mental Health Awareness to Managers in all of our area offices. The training was really well received and all of the trainers were praised for their in-depth knowledge and understanding."


— Roger Bullivant Limited

"The training was very well received by staff who now all intend to implement the session’s practical tips and techniques into their existing roles. A large proportion of the staff rated the facilitator and their delivery as excellent and their only recommendation was for a further and longer session!"

— Leeds City College

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